About Folklore Scotland

Folklore Scotland was established in August 2019 in order to create a hub for Scottish Folklore. We want to reconnect people with their folkloric heritage; tales from across Scotland can be navigated from our Homepage. Our values are strongly intertwined with nature and culture. Our primary ambitions are to inspire imagination, to get people exploring in the outdoors, to facilitate peoples appreciation of rural Britain. 

These ambitions have been determined in order to achieve our overarching goal: to impart an element of nature and mysticism into average modern day life.

We are now striving to gather content and build a valuable database for folklore enthusiasts. In addition to this our product innovation branch Albion Adventures is working on a new app utilising storytelling and folklore to take users on a real world tour of folkloric sites.

Our Founders

Rebecca Brown & David White

Rebecca has been a folklore enthusiasts for many years and having undertaken an English and Creative writing degree with a dissertation based upon Merlin. In addition to her academic interest in folklore Rebecca is also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. With this mixture of personal and academic interest Rebecca leads the way in our creative exploits. 

David’s background lies primarily in law and media, with some elements of marketing also featuring in his CV. Having grown up in rural Scotland David has always had an innate predisposition towards the outdoors and adventure. Folklore Scotland  has thus been an exciting undertaking for him. David’s role in the team largely lies within project management and marketing although he isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and pitch in.

“What's life without a little magic?”

Britain is an ancient land steeped in myth and legend, yet many people are becoming more and more seperated from nature and the folklore of the land. In our eyes in losing that connection you lose an opportunity to find magic in the world around you. We want to help inspire wonder and excitement of the unknown; telling the tales of the past with the technology of today
David & rebecca

Want to Join Us?

We are looking for voluntary contributors to join with us to create content that will make Folklore Scotland a hub for Scottish Folktales creating a valuable resource for the community. Contact us at: info@folklorescotland.com