The Art of Folklore

At Folklore Scotland, we aspire to preserve our national folklore in a variety of different ways, including written, visual, and audio. Our artwork is one way in which we capture the vibrant tales of Scotland, by commissioning evocative and colourful images that will inspire viewers.

With the help of some fantastic artists and photographers, we have been able to create a vast array of both standalone works and pieces that perfectly complement the text with which they are paired.

Our Collections

We have been working with our artists and photographers on numerous pieces of work which can be loosely categorised into the three categories below. Exhibition art consists of the pieces we have had the opportunity to exhibit as physical pieces in relation to specific exhibitions. Photography includes pieces by our amazing photographers and snapshot art covers most of the pieces you will see on our website- single works that encapsulate a tale.


While we don’t currently have the budget to employ any more artists, if you would like to work with us voluntarily, we would be thrilled to hear from you. You can contact us at 


Snapshot Myth

The Exhibitions

We were lucky to host our premiere exhibition at Roseangle Cafe from the 6th of September until the 10th of October 2019. We are currently searching for a suitable venue in Dundee to unveil our Dundee Dragon collection.