When you picture Scotland in all its mythical grandeur, the first place your mind will visit is the Highlands. Small villages with tightly knit communities and large mountain landscapes make up the charm of the Highlands. Many of the Highland communities preserve the Gaelic language and myths and legends still seem to be alive within this region. Here you will find absolute solitude and peace to experience the magic of the Highlands. From Glencoe to John O’ Groats, a mystical adventure is to be had.  

Along with the Lochs and Castles, the Highlands also offer dense pine woodland. If you look close enough with your mind wide open, you may even catch sight of a fairy or two, for Nessie isn’t the only famous creature lurking in the highlands. Giants, fairies, and princes live on in the folklore of the Highlands, passed down through song and storytelling. 

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The Baobhan Sith Before long, the women were singing an enchanting song and the hunters needed no more invitation to