Highland Folklore, Myths & Legends

When you picture Scotland in all it’s mythical grandure the first place your mind goes to is the Highlands. Small villages with tight knit communities and large mountain landscapes (such as Ben Nevis) make up the charm of the Highlands. Many of the Highland communities keep alive the Gaelic language and ooze Scottish culture- a breeding group for myths and legends. 

Here you will find absolute solitude and peace to experience the magic of the Highlands. From Glencoe to John O’ Groats, an adventure is to be had. Glencoe has a magnificent loch with breath taking views and John O’ Groats “lands’ end” features unique coastal wildlife such as puffins and seals. Can you imagine a more idyllic place? Home to a plethera of castles and hills the Highlands have a lot to uncover. 

Along with the staggering views, lochs of mystery are to be found. In every crevice and dip you will find a new loch or castle with a story and legend of its own, including the famous “Loch Ness Monster”. The “Loch Ness Monster” is famously connected to Scottish tourism. Lovingly nicknamed “Nessy”, the Loch Ness Monster has allegedly been pictured many times over the past hundred years and the story holds by word of mouth for far longer. However, even though efforts have been made to uncover this large beast, it is near impossible with the loch reaching depths of 227m. Therefore, existence of a monster is likely to never be proven and forever be one of the Scotland’s many wonders. Gaze across the Loch Ness and you may see it yourself. Along with the Lochs and Castles, the highlands also offer dense pine woodland. If you look close enough with your mind wide open, you may even experience a fairy or two. for Nessy isn’t the only famous creature of old lurking in the highlands. Giants, fairies and princes a plenty live on in the folklore of the Highland passed down through song and storytelling. 

Scotland's first-footing Tradition Tradition asks for a very particular type of first-footer: dark haired men are preferred. By Rebecca Brown

Crail's Bluestane, Bluestone Folklore


The Story of Crail's Bluestane If you visit Crail, take a walk along South Marketgate, past The Golf Hotel along

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