The Folklore Scotland Podcast

Welcome to The Folklore Scotland Podcast! Packed full of exciting myths and legends and masses of dynamic conversation from folklore enthusiasts, there is plenty in this podcast to sink your teeth into. 

Our first pilot episode was launched in December 2020 on the Winter Solstice and after 6 months of testing and refining our process and style we officially launched the podcast on the 21st of June 2021 (or as some people may have recognised, the Summer Solstice)

We have a brilliant team of dedicated volunteers which has allowed us to create three sections within our podcast each with their own unique style. To learn more about the individual sections click on the links below

In The Crannog episodes a group of our presenters get together to share stories on a common theme and have some fun conversation around these stories.

In the Campfire Tales episodes we feature guest storytellers reading out rewritten folktales put together by our team of researchers. 

This podcast group is made up of Rosie and Cathy who each episode narrate a folktale and discuss its meaning, possible origins and have a bit of fun too.

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