Our Projects

At Folklore Scotland our primary goal is to promote and preserve the folkloric heritage of Scotland. We are always looking for new and exciting way to capture people’s interest. One of the things we have identified as a barrier to people developing an interest in folklore is the fact that much of it is not readily available. We have also seen and heard that what is available is not always the easiest to understand or not comprehensive enough. 

At Folklore Scotland we want to make folklore accessible to everyone. That is why we are currently running several projects in order to appeal to everyone from folklore fanatics to those just looking for a little magic in their area

Current Projects

Our current projects consist of a varied selection of experiences all sharing the common theme imbued in our moto: Giving old tales a new story. One of our projects is this website, within which we aim to collate a wealth of localised folklore and by categorising it by region, make it accessible to those who wish to read local legends. Another of our projects is our app, Albion Adventures, which you can find out more about here. We have realised that the illustrations being used within our app are also strong standalone depictions of legends and thus can be used as a visual way of engaging people in folklore. We have been exhibiting these works in Scotland and they can be spotted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

“Excellent way of promoting local storytelling”

Dame Barbara Mary Kelly DBE DL FRSE FRIAS FRSGS

“Great for culture and tourism in rural Scotland”

Rachael Hamilton MSP