The Website

This website is designed to make accessing folklore in your region quick and easy. It is designed to fulfil our goal of promoting and preserving Scottish myths and legends for future generations, ensuring this valuable tradition remains a part of the Scottish cultural identity. 

The website is still in a relatively early stage but we are working hard with our team of volunteers to collate and write up as many folk tales as we can. This website also functions as the central hub of all Folklore Scotland’s activities. 

Website Elements

The website consists of regional tales, our project updates, information about our organisation, team, and more. We are expanding further every day and hope to continue to grow, gradually bringing on board more contributors to continue providing quality content. 

“An excellent way of promoting local storytelling”

Dame Barbara Mary Kelly DBE DL FRSE FRIAS FRSGS

“Great for culture and tourism in rural Scotland”

Rachael Hamilton MSP