The Borders

The Borders Legends : A Magical Medieval World

The Borders region of Scotaland, although seen as a quite rural and relaxing area of Scotland in the modern day, was once far from its current incarnation. The Borders was historically an area of significance, with Roxburgh Castle being used as the seat of King David and a point of contention between Scotland and England for hundreds of years. Furthermore the iconic border towers mark the rough militarised zone that the Borders once was. If Borders legends are to believed, it was also a hub for magical creatures…

As is the case with most places steeped in history, there comes masses of folklore. The Borders is famously the homeland of the Brownie, legends of which you can find below and its plethora of castles and historic buildings has led to more than a few fanciful tales making the myths and legends of the Borders particularly exciting. For example, the Fairy Queen enslaving knights, or the famous character of Scottish folklore: Thomas the rhymer, a supposed seer gifted his powers of foresight by the fae. 

Borders Tales

Sit back and enjoy our selection of folklore from the Borders featuring some stunning tales from origonal Victorian texts and in modern day forms.

History & Future

With the presence of Walter Scott in the 18thc the ancient myths of the legends were retold in his romanticised Borders Ballads, capturing the hearts and mind of the people of the time leading to the great rivival of Scottish Folklore in the Victorian era. We hope that through Folklore Scotland’s efforts in promoting and preserving Scottish myths, legends and fairytales the Borders can once again play an important role in helping Scotland retain its storytelling culture.