The Art of Albion

These collections allow the viewer to walk through a story using fantastical illustrations to illuminate the dynamic, vibrant nature of Scotland’s myths and legends. These images were initially commissioned as part of the Albion Adventures app and now also function as a standalone project of Folklore Scotland. We are also looking to start creating one image legend depictions which should be coming to the Snapshot Myth section over the coming months. 

Our Collections

Here are a selection of our favourite pieces from the two currently completed legends series. Each legend contains between 5 and 7 images that help provide a narrative of the story.

The Legend of Tam Linn

Martin and The Dragon

The Lead Artist

Our lead artist, Rebecca McManus, created both of the collections above and is our primary artists across Folklore Scotland. In the Albion Adventures app, her work will also be accompanied by Rosie Young. More about both of these artists can be found on the About Us page.

The ability of these works to portray the drama and excitement of these ancient myths is truly remarkable. They clearly embody our aim to promote and preserve folklore through making it accessible to everyone. The use of a chain of images, much like a picture book, allows the viewer to quickly get to grips with the legends. When accompanied with the text, the works come into their own. 

“Stunning, dynamic and truly immersive”

 W. Blanc, ScotStyle Art Critic