The Boghall Brownie

The Boghall Brownie To leave my old haunts, oh my heart it is sair,But the wife gae me blankets – she’ll see me nae mair; By Liana Paraschaki It was the year 1850, and Boghall Farm was not doing particularly well. The farm had fallen into disarray, no trace could…


The Witch of Fife

The Witch of Fife Here, all the Elves, Faeries, and Mermaids of the North were celebrating with Warlocks, Brownies, Pixies, and even the Phantom Hunters, of whom have never been looked upon by mortal eyes. By Joanne Fong Long ago, in the Kingdom of Fife, there lived an old man…


The Good Wife of Auchtermuchty

The Good Wife of Auchtermuchty “It’s unfair that you get to stay inside all day while I work in the fields every day,” said the husband. “Tomorrow, we will swap responsibilities. You will plough the fields and I will look after the house.”  By Rebecca Brown On a farm in…

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The Bluestane


The Story of Crail's Bluestane If you visit Crail, take a walk along South Marketgate, past The Golf Hotel along to the Parish Kirk where you’ll find a devilish tale… By Rebecca Brown Crail is just one of many picturesque seaside towns along the Fife Coastal Route in the East…